Sunday 31 May 2009

Creative Manifesto Prezi

You will have received an email this afternoon inviting you to view the latest version of the Manifesto for a Creative Tallis on This has proved to be a fairly effective means of sharing documents online so that they can be peer edited. When it comes to presenting documents however, there aren't many options beyond Powerpoint and Keynote. I've had a go at using Prezi again to create an interactive version of the manifesto. It's a sophisticated application and I'm still not sure that I'm getting the most from it. I think it might be better used to present an argument or discussion fully utilising the ability to reveal new information and play with scale. I recommend you give it a go. It's certainly exercised my grey matter for a couple of days and I dare say will continue to do so for a few more. Click the image above to visit the Prezi Manifesto page.

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