Tuesday 19 May 2009

Using new media to prepare for exams

Both my Year 13 English groups are currently preparing themselves for an exam on Wordsworth and Coleridge's 'Lyrical Ballads'. It's a closed book exam, so students have to find a way of memorising some short quotes from the poems to use in their exam. I thought I would try and find a way of making this more straightforward. I was very fortunate to be able to ask my brother-in-law to illustrate some key quotes, but I wanted the students to decide which quotes they thought most relevant. We decided that students would email me key quotes and an accompanying commentary and I would pass these on to Freddie Darke to illustrate. I also thought I could then collate the students work and email it to everyone - in other words you make a contribution that entitles you to everyone else's work. This also means that students within the group can share work or even email each other with questions and suggestions.

The illustrations are fantastic, but I thought we could make more use of them. The first step was to put them into comic life and ask the students to add commentary and links to other poems in speech bubbles, thought bubbles and text boxes. The next step was to export the comics to iPhoto so that they could be shared into iMovie09. The final stage will be for students to add a voiceover to the images to make a film that they can watch and use to revise. I'll put a link to the finished film once its done.


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