Wednesday 20 May 2009


I think you should watch this video: found on YouTube:


Raihan said...

Interesting... I t looks like it's been made with keynote.

Anonymous said...

yeah that's really cool it's been cleverly made,
it does look like it's been made in Keynote
doesn't it Raihan.

Raihan said...

Yeah, that's what i was thinking, it was made with keynote wasn't it Seb.

Jon said...

OK boys. I think we've established that it was made with Keynote. But why the strange mixture of upper and lower case letters? And what's with the barn door transitions? I had trouble reading the text too, partly because of the aforementioned problem with the typography, but also because the whole thing is too fast. I think the question at the end is a good one though. What would happen if we educated every child on the basis that we should maximise opportunities to do what s/he is best at and in the way that s/he likes to learn?