Monday 4 May 2009


I think it's worth people taking a look at this site. A bit late for you to see one of their events as one in London is on tonight but still take a look . This is what their website says:

Ubikteatro is a theatre research group based in Venice, Italy. We believe in theatre, music and dance, and their interactions, both as means for creative communication and fundamental tools for a ‘mental revolution’, necessary to raise social awareness and stimulate constructive development in contemporary society.

Besides performing regularly, we run seminars and workshops and we provide personnel, technical and creative support and consultancy for external projects, including corporate events, presentation skills training, voiceovers, sound design and costume crafting.

Keen to explore old and new narrative strategies that disclose the power of physical and vocal expression, our research and interests span from Commedia dell’Arte to experimental theatre, often combining traditional elements and methodologies with the latest technologies.

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Jon said...

This looks cool Amber although the website is a bit short on pictures for my liking! I've been taking a look at the dreamthinkspeak site that Kat recommended and they've done some great work too in the most unusual spaces.