Monday 11 May 2009

Invitation to take part in Creative Agents event on July 1st

Jon and John Riches suggested we could use the blog to ask if a group of Tallis students would be interested in talking to 25 creative agents (people like John Riches working in schools on the creative partnerships programme across London) at an event I'm organising on July 1st.

It is really a training/development day for the agents, and they are very interested in hearing about how young people are communicating about ideas on creativity with each other and the school, and the impact they can have on school development.

We could allocate 30-45 minutes, or more if you would like, for you to present to the creative agents in any creative way you suggest, and to talk to them/answer questions etc. The day will be held at the October Gallery near Holborn/Russell Square tubes, and it could start at 10 with an informal warmup for everyone (led by your group, or by one of the agents), followed by your session at about 10.15am. If a later time would be better for you we could make it later.

I'll look forward to hearing what you think; it would be great if you would like to do it!

Judith Ackrill
CP agents training days co-ordinator


Jon said...

This sounds like a great opportunity to present our way of working together to a larger audience and to get a sense of how other young people are making sense of School of Creativity status. What do you think?

ttgunner said...

this is the perfect way to get are ideas to the masses, a superb idea

Amber Rowe said...

sounds cool to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow... sounds like a good idea!

Soren Hawes said...

Great idea. I've chatted to quite a few members of the Leadership Team when the Creativity ARG presented their manifesto, and they were all really enthusiastic and excited to see such an articulate and thoughtful group of students taking such a keen interest in their own and others education. It would be selfish for Tallis to horde all this talent, so it only seems fair to share it around!

Mr Hawes