Thursday 21 May 2009

This is my first post yay!!!!!!

Hi guys. Today we made 2 posters and we would like you to vote by leaving a comment on which one you would like to see around the school telling people how to get involved in this project.


Anonymous said...

Matt! Woo on the first post!

I really like the poster! My only worrie is that people may not know where W10 is??


Amber Rowe said...

Woo for your first post.
And this poster gets my vote.
Should see them out first week back??

Anonymous said...

How can you vote when you haven't seen my "3" posters lol but yeah i like this one.
and well done for your first post

Jon said...

Nice work Matt. I like the design. If people can't work out where W10 is then I suppose they've fallen at the first hurdle. I like the top secret thing. How many posters are you going to circulate? Could a copy go in each pizza bag? Year bases? main door into school? We need to make sure we have enough time to select the team before the project starts. There are teachers and parents to tell remember!

Raihan said...

Hey, well done on writing your first post!! (Should have read your mail earlier) Anyways, good luck with the vote thing!

Soren Hawes said...

Well done Matt. Welcome to the world of posting. I'm hoping that your posts will be like London buses - you wait ages for one and then a whole load come in quick succession.


ttgunner said...

congrats on the post!!
i like the poster but i also like sebs....tough desision!