Wednesday 27 May 2009

Does creativity have a lifespan?

Just a thought - 

Does creativity have a life span - if so when does it end? and why
Because you can describe something as a creative action which would have an end once the action is over.
If you looked at something and thought it was creative when does it stop being so?


Jon said...

Creativity is a process whereby something original (on a sliding scale from the personal to the historical) and of value (again, to the individual or to the world) is produced as a consequence of imaginative activity. Thus, the word "creative" could describe anything from an object to a thought. In that sense, one creative object/act/gesture etc. could prompt an avalanche of other creative objects/acts/gestures etc. for those who witness it, making the original creativity live on. I suppose that the only creativity that dies is that which is not shared with others and only has value for the individual. That's not to say that it is worthless, but it does have a limited lifespan unless, of course, it lives on in the enhanced, life-long creativity of the creator. That's made my head hurt!

Amber Rowe said...

So how does creativity change over a lifespan - or time line if it has no lifespan? How does it develop as a theory when being used to achieve a certain thing? or how does it create rewards and whilst continuing indefinitely?

That is me assuming that creativity is both a process (with no lifespan as it will always continue...) and as a product (maybe having a lifespan?)