Saturday 9 May 2009

Promo Video!

I was having a look at the Charles Darwin School in Biggin Hill's website and I noticed that they had a very nice school promotional video which truly shows the large amount of creativity that happens in their school (they are also an arts college). I really liked the feel of their website.

* Does Tallis have a promo video?
* Should we have one?

The promo video is found here

This is their website


Shan said...

I really liked this video, looks like a very artistic school, the quote at the top of the page is really inspirational, i think it would be really cool if we had a promotional video for tallis, (if we dont have one already)

Jon said...

I did think the video was slick but in a corporate, party political broadcast kind of way which I found a bit distasteful. Their attitude to creativity is also bound up entirely in the arts. The site certainly seems very useful and engaging for parents. I like the News blog and the various forms used for online conferencing. Everyone also seems to have an email account and the site stresses the importance of email for effective communication. I really hope we can sort out our email issues in school. I think we are near the point when we ought to look again at our school website and learning platform. When we do, it seems vital that we have representatives of all stakeholders to advise us on design and functionality. Not sure what I think of a promo video. But we definitely need to sort out our issues with the hosting of Tallis Shorts where lots of audiovisual content can be easily shared with viewers.

ttgunner said...

i think it would be a great way to inspire and connect with people around the schools community

Soren Hawes said...

I'm with Mr. Nicholls on this one - this felt like an uneasy mix of a powerpoint and film.

I think it would be a good idea for the group to think of the different ways that we might use new media to share our vision of developing creativity at Thomas Tallis. Films are a great way of sharing, and can certainly have an impact on large groups of people very quickly. My concern is that although films leave an impression and raise awareness sometimes that impact dissipates quite quickly. I think we need to find a way of sharing and involving - maybe a film that is part of a coherent range of events that get people engaged, commenting, responding, discussing, questioning, agreeing ...