Saturday 30 May 2009


I've been playing around with a really exciting presentation tool called (appropriately) Prezi. It's different from the usual tools available like Powerpoint, Keynote (even Slideshare) in that it's not slide based but rather allows you to create content on a seemingly infinite desktop, then draw a path between the various media items. This then produces an animated journey in the finished presentation. You can embed text, photos, film clips and sounds into the Prezi to create dynamic presentation narratives. Click the image above to have a look at the one I've made. Once the site has loaded, use the arrow (bottom right) to navigate through the animation. There are some great examples of other presentations on the main site so you can see the full range of Prezi's capabilities.

Why not have a go yourselves? It's free and there are pleny of How To videos on the site as well as on YouTube to get you started (guess the amazing accent of the guy doing the talking). Could this be the future of presentations as we know it Jim? No more death by Powerpoint?

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Jon said...

Just found this excellent Prezi show that I thought you might like to look at: