Saturday 30 May 2009

Our new mobile phone blog

Working on the principle that one can't have enough blogs I've set up a new mobile phone blog (moblog) using the excellent Tumblr. Now there's no need to sit in front of your computer to blog about creativity at Tallis. Make a note of the following email address, add it to your contacts and use it to text or picture message content to the mobile blog. The application cleverly recognises the type of message you have sent - pictures, text, quotations, even chat - and formats the entry accordingly. You can also integrate the service with other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook:

Creative Tallis Tumblr mobile blog

If you're new to blogging and want to try something simple and flexible I strongly recommend Tumblr.


Amber Rowe said...

so if I emailed that address it would automatically add it to the creative tallis tumblr?

Jon said...

That's the idea. Give it a go...