Wednesday 3 June 2009

Yesterday's meeting

So an update of what we said:

  • The interviews will be on the 16th of June - the drama studio is already booked from pd.6 onwards
  • We are definitely doing the maze idea starting from the dhi room to the drama studio
  • Tom and Billy are making a video about Tangled Feet to go in the drama studio (and they are meeting Thursday to do this with each other)
  • Raihan is making the video to be played on the screen outside the office by the end of this week
  • Matthew and Seb have made some posters and will start putting them up this week (and in tutor bags)
  • If assemblies are still running then a quick mention in those too)
I think that's all.

So a week and a half until the interview to get word spread.


Jon said...

Sounds good. I'm really impressed by how much responsibility and sense of ownership you are all manifesting with regard to this project. Keep up the good work and don't forget to ask for help if you need it.

matthew said...

hi guys sorry i was not able to come but it soynds like it is all ready to go about the posters though i got one in tutor in the bag but when do you want me ans sed to put them up round school?

matthew said...

sorry seb i did mean seb not sed!

Amber Rowe said...

They were put up at lunch today matthew.

Only Seb had trouble printing yours, but by next week most of the posters will have probably been removed or ripped down so we could print yours monday and put more up?

Or tomorrow?

Oh and does anyone have any ideas for the clues that are to be left leading to the drama studio?
So i can include them on the map before i scan it in.

Soren Hawes said...

I was out on a visit this morning and it was great to return to school and see the wonderful posters around the school. As Jon said it's great to see how you've taken on this task on and worked on it with such imagination and energy.

As for clues, how about these for anagrams of drama studio created by the handy online anagram creator

Stadium Road
Dadaism Tour
Dadaism Rout
Diorama Dust


Amber Rowe said...

i like the anagrams!
that should definately be used as a clue!

Raihan said...

Yeah, How about this one...

A Dogmatist Odour (Go to drama studio)