Friday 15 May 2009

Creative thinking t-shirt

We didn't get a massive response last time to the call for creative learning t-shirt slogans so here's another chance to throw your hat into the ring. This design comes courtesy of those clever folk at Threadless.


ttgunner said...

'creative juices-from consentrate and no artificial thoughts'
or'crerativity never sleeps just daydreams'

Jon said...

Thanks Tom. Both great ideas but the first one is particularly good. Could be a winner!

Soren Hawes said...

'Cartel Vitalise'

Prize for the first person to say why.


Jon said...

If you're struggling, check out the various online anagram solvers. Nice one Mr Hawes!

Amber Rowe said...

I typed in creativity to a slogan maker website, here are a couple it came up with:

"Its the creativity fizz that does the bizz"
"But I'd rather have a bowl of creativity"
"Get back your Ooo and create"
"The world's local creativity"
"The creativity is mightier than the sword"
"Look for the creativity label"

ttgunner said...

is vitalise 'its alive'?