Thursday 21 May 2009

Here's the poster that I made at school

"VOTE Seb" lol

I think it might also be nice to use more than one poster to catch people's eyes more than once. When I got home I made 2 more posters just so there are more to chose from:

Let the voting begin!


Anonymous said...

Really nice posters Seb!

I think we should use all the posters that both Matthew and Seb have made!

Jon said...

Great posters Seb. I like the top one best. You might want to change the spelling of "theatre". Also, "you are" becomes "you're" when you abbreviate it. Once an English teacher...!

Raihan said...

lol... Yeah really nice posters Seb.. I really like the second one.. the first poster is one below my favourite..

3rd one is nice... lol

Anyways GOOD LUCK!!

(Not that you need it)

Soren Hawes said...

These are great Seb. I think your posters will get people talking. Can we make some flyers that we can place in unexpected places. Perhaps ask teachers to put them in books, perhaps inside a folded laptop, on a chair, blutacked in unlikely places?


matthew said...

think my poster is just that little buit better sorry seb!