Wednesday 13 May 2009

Head Space

One of the things I love about the iPhone and iPod Touch is the excitement generated about new applications. It's great fun to see a group of colleagues huddled over their iPhones, swapping reviews of their favourite apps over breakfast. It's also great to be recommended a new app by a student. This happened to me yesterday morning when Michael and Amber stopped me outside the Drama Studio before assembly to tell me about Headspace, the new 3D mindmapping app. Given that Amber is now creating her own iPhone apps using Apple's Software Development Kit (SDK) I felt duty bound to download the full version for a very reasonable £1.79. I have been playing around with it a little and recommending it to anyone I know with an iPhone. It's a fantastic tool, a bit gimmicky perhaps, but brilliantly simple to use (the video demo on YouTube is a hoot) and great fun. The ability to move groups around, tilt and shift the perpective and stack group children in space is really impressive. Like all good mindmapping tools, colour is important and you are able to make connections between groups very simply. For me though, it's the aesthetic appeal which has me hooked.


Anonymous said...
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Amber Rowe said...

Mike uses it for revision all the time now - there is a desktop version.
I love finding new apps and telling everyone about them! Quite geeky but fun. Apple is always good for 'looking nice' which is why some windows users don't like it but it is really important.
And Tom - c sharp? Try jiggy its a like a blank canvas for javascript writing so you can get it wrong a million times first.

Anonymous said...

Whooops deled my comment (i need to stop pressing buttons)

Hmm I really should have a go at trying to write an app I have done some investigating and it looks like you can do some stuff in c sharp (c#) AKA C++ so I shall have a bit of a play

Mike showed me this app! its awsome I am deffonatly going to have a play with this!

I will have a look at Jiggy!