Sunday 10 May 2009

Online collaboration (continued)

As you can see, our request for the Leadership Team to provide us with feedback about our recommendations and draft manifesto has resulted in a flurry of notes added to the online document via Please take the opportunity to add your own notes and comments before the end of this week. You will have received a personal invitation via email to view the document. Simply follow the link and get stuck in. Everyone's views are of equal value so make sure what you think is reflected in the final draft. Let me know if you've lost the email with the invitation and I'll send you another.


Amber Rowe said...

I just had another look at this an I don't think there's really anything I could add to it.
I don't understand some of things said - SSC??
But i think it includes everything each group said without combining or shorting them which is great and in each stage as well. I think the 3 stage structure working backwards is working really well! And showing people it working rather than giving it to them to complete themselves may be a good idea because people will be more willing to accept it if they see it works - I think.

ttgunner said...

i hope i got my messages on. at first i couldnt find the email but got sent a new one and i think ive done it

Jon said...

The following comment comes courtesy of Ms Barton who struggled to get on

Dear Jon and the creativity group
A really thought provoking document which provides real room for movement within the school. So refreshing to have the student body at leadership!

Some thoughts:


I would agree that students should be a part of all working groups and INSET planning involving curriculum, assessment and changing of the school day. This involvement should be accredited linking into UCAS points possibly getting them some really great connected work experience placements! I think all assessments such as SUMAX should have a creativity category. We should start training now!
I would agree that students should be on interview panels. I think they should also feed back if they have been involved in the lesson observations as a member of that chosen group. We have started questionnaires in KS5 especially at the start and the end of their time here. I think it would be good to get students in on key issues to meetings. We have shared the Monkey .com survey process with the other heads of year. Maybe we can spread this out to faculty heads. Audit and training sound someone who needs a bit of training!!!!

And so on to the Manifesto...

I would add that we need to add Creativity as an explicit part of our Rewards system. I would get on board now with the new year 7 and 12s in getting students and parents involved with signing up for creativity and finding out what they can bring to the package.
No. 11 - I think would be good at every staff meeting or indeed every meeting that a short slot was given to a person or persons sharing something creative that they have processed or achieved. Like a starter activity to get the meeting on a roll!!!!!
No. 6 - I think we really need to timetable connection time for this to happen in a meaningful way,if the current experience is anything to go by.
I think it would also be good to give some time for students within their lesson time to reflect and share how creativity has affected their learning.
I am in agreement with every thing on the Manifest...the RISK word might cover it but something about being given room to make mistakes and get it wrong is an integral part of the creative process.
I hope this is of use. Once again thank you for producing such a stimulating document.
Ms B