Monday 4 January 2010

Seb's ePortfolio Presentation

This presentation by our very own Seb Wallis is a great explanation about how he created his ePortfolio using Weebly. Seb took to this task like the proverbial duck to water and has created an excellent, media rich site. This video was made to help him gain a very high mark for this unit of work. It proves two things:
  1. Evaluations don't always need to be written documents (and can often be more exciting and engaging when they are presented live)
  2. Seb is a very skilled communicator and has a real sense of pride in his web authoring abilities
We have experimented with using podcasting (using Audioboo on the iPhone) as another alternative to written evaluations during this unit. The new iPod Nanos with a video camera and the PSPs with camera attachment are other ways in which handheld technologies can assist is capturing students' learning experiences in a very immediate way. The advantage of this, apart from it being more direct and engaging, is that the resulting multimedia files can shared with a much wider audience.


Anonymous said...

Sir how could you, lol man that was a bad presentation. Can I do another one but with no one in the room just in front of a camera, me and the camera lol I'd be fine with that

Unknown said...

well done seb! At least you'll be getting a good grade at the end of it.
I hate hearing my voice, or seeing myself on camera, I can't think of a worse punishment.

I'll have to find another way of doing my presentation do you know the link to the audio boo recordings?

Jon said...

Seb - I think the whole thing is great. Billy - here are the Audioboo links:

Jon said...

Seb - that's a lot of laughing you're doing!

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh, I was trying to make light of the embarrassing situation I was in lol. Thanks Billy ans Yeah I understand, especially when people are talking over you (not saying any names) - *cough* FrAnkIe *Cough* lol

Anonymous said...

Wait are you talking about the video or the audioboo??

Soren Hawes said...

I can't understand why either Seb or Billy would be reluctant to see or hear themselves - you are both so articulate and engaging. I think Seb's grasp of the subject was so much more effectively expressed than it would have been in more conventional formats. I also like Jon's cutaways to stills of the website in question. All in all a really effective and creative way of doing something that can feel a bit stale and mundane.