Tuesday 19 January 2010


Like many people I'm not a big fan of acronyms. I think one of the first tasks of the publicity group could be to come up with a name, a brand or a logo that better represents what the Student Commissioning Group might be about. I think engaging and interesting people will be much easier if we have an identity that captures the idea behind the group. Do we go down the route of picking a verb - create, make, engage, involve, enthuse...? Do we choose objects at random to stimulate ideas? Do we have a name that is evident in the logo, but never written? Can we promise not to drop any Es like flickr, screenr, tumblr ...

There's a prize for the first person to explain why the picture above links to SCG


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xoxochinaoxox said...

I know! I know! Above picture links to SCG because it also stands for Sydney Cricket Ground! Woohoo! Yeah I totally agree with this because acronyms can confusing an actual name is a lot more exciting sounding. For verbs, I like Create because it could be changed to like Cre8, Cre@te etc. I also like the idea of a logo rather that written name.