Friday 15 January 2010

Ofsted Report on Creative Approaches to Learning and Teaching

Ofsted have today published their long awaited report on creative learning. I haven't had time to digest the full report yet, but there seems to be an acknowledgement that creative learning is desirable and can yield amazing results for young people in a context of secure knowledge and careful planning:
The report, Learning: creative approaches that raise standards, confirms that pupils’ motivation, progress and attainment in primary and secondary schools were improved by creative approaches to learning such as:
  • stimulating pupils with memorable experiences and practical activity
  • allowing pupils to question, explore and challenge ideas
  • encouraging pupils to think creatively
  • supporting pupils to reflect on and evaluate their learning.

Follow the link above to download the report in pdf format. It would be interesting to know what you think of it and whether you believe that creative approaches to learning can have a direct impact on students' motivation, progress and attainment.

Here's an extract from the Tallis PRESS RELEASE to accompany the publication of the report:


Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich is recognised for Creative Learning Practice in latest Ofsted report

Ofsted recognises the benefits of Creative Partnerships and creative learning practices in its latest report: ‘Learning: creative approaches that raise standards’

Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich, a Creative Partnerships School of Creativity has been recognised for its outstanding approach to creative learning in Ofsted’s latest report, ‘Learning: creative approaches that raise standards’. The school was surveyed as part of the report which shows that creative learning practices in schools are improving standards and pupils’ personal development.

Ofsted visited 44 schools for the report and found that almost all were using creative approaches which had a “perceptible and positive impact on pupils’ personal development and on their preparation for life beyond school”. Eighteen of the schools visited are Creative Partnerships schools. Ofsted remarks that Creative Partnerships schools have seen “notable improvements in their levels of achievement and in measurable aspects of personal development, such as attendance”; whilst school leaders were confident about the value of the programme and its impact on teaching and learning.

Rob Thomas, Headteacher at Thomas Tallis School, commented: “We are delighted to be recognised in Ofsted’s new report and are pleased that this report identifies what we see happening in our school every day: that creative approaches to learning raise attainment levels, improve attendance and increase pupil motivation. As a Creative Partnerships School of Creativity, we will continue to further develop our teaching and learning practices to help to shape future education policy and practice."

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