Monday 4 January 2010


I've just created a new podcast site using PodBean. Until now, I've been using Audioboo for podcasts but it's limited to 5 minutes of audio. I had a 26 minute podcast that I wanted to share online so had to find another solution. PodBean is very easy to set up and completely free. It looks very much like a blog and you can add various widgets (I chose our Twitter and Flickr feeds, for example).

Check out the maiden podcast which features an interview with me by the Creative & Media students following The Restaurant (Last Supper) performance for which they created major props, projections and sound effects. I talk rather too much but the students have some great things to say nearer the end about the effect of this experience on their confidence and self-esteem.

Check it out!

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Soren Hawes said...

That's very handy. I love the simplicity of Audio Boo, but the five minute limit was a real pain. I think there is so much good quality 'talk' happening in school, but so much of it gets lost the minute after it's been said. I think encouraging people to work this way could have real benefits - I can certainly see it helping in Tallis Lab as a way of capturing the process of collaborating with others and sharing it with a larger audience.