Tuesday 19 January 2010

Chenai - the idea machine!

It wont surprise anyone to hear that Chenai has already come up with some great ideas. Check out her email to the publicity group. Also, Matt, if you're out there, can we have your up to date email address.

Hey everyone!

So had a bit of a brainstorming sesh with Mr Hawes after the meeting and it sent me on an idea frenzy as I do. Well to be honest I only came up with two. Anywho, here they are, in particular order (no typo):


Reference: There's a magazine called CTRL.ALT.SHIFT where a young journalist, Sian Anderson does "A Question of Port vs..." articles with different musicians and she asks them difficult WWUD (what-would-you-do) type questions. There are also certain army adverts which you may or may not be familiar with where they do a similar thing with options A, B, or C. Please take a look at aforementioned articles and advert, links below:



Outline of idea: Basically flyers, filmed interviews and FB page with a series of WWUD questions we would generate in connection with arts and commisioning, for example:

"You are in a limo with Jay Z. You've just have a productive business lunch at a very exclusive and his favourite salad bar. You make a funny joke and Jay bursts into unctrollable laughter. That's when you see the beatifully lush evidence of the salad you both just ate stuck onto his front tooth. Do you:

A Tell him he has a piece of green in his teeth
B Hope he notices it soon because you don't want to kill the joy
C Discreetly check your own teeth for any tell-tale bits
D Proceed to burst into your own fit of laughing, at rather than with"

Each option will have a certain number of points and we'd say something like if you got 20+ points come to bla bla bla and enter the next phase, which would be the activities on March 1. We could do this on film, perhaps using help offered by Tallis TV and Raihan. We use 1 or two periods to interview students with the same questions to be played in the foyer. This would be really great because we might get people crowding round and watching these vids because their friend is in it our even they themselves are in it.


Reference: Mr Hawes's mention of use of tutorial time and objects. Simple as! ;-D

Outline of idea: We could have envelopes, preferbly black and all secret-agent-esque with LOST PROPERTY printed on and an object e.g. glove, hat, keys with official school letter with the following message:

Dear [insert name of tutor here],

"Please volunteer five of your students to return this lost property to the rightful owners. They will be asked to participate in various tasks to determine the authenticity of their mission...."

And so on and so on. That one needs a bit more development.

What do you think? I'm leaning towards IDEA 1 hence the (no typo). If you have any ideas for any other strategies feel free to email them to me, or even track me down and discuss them. I also think it would be a good idea to post our ideas up on the blog as in the case of IDEA 1 we will need the help of the rest of our team.

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Unknown said...

AWESOME IDEAS!! Can't wait to get Cracking!!

With the Jay Z example, based on tht maybe we could meke a funny promotional film or with the A,B,C or D idea maybe that couls be based on the idea of
Who wants to be a millionaire!

And like i emailed Chenai, as we've already used the spy theme, maybe we ould change to the tutor letter to be in the form of a cheque, or a pirate map??
Looking good!