Monday 11 January 2010

Inspired by Tallis

I received a lovely email today from Clare Burnett with whom we worked on the Inspired by London event:
Inspired by all of you, I have been experimenting with twitpic, audioboo, blogs etc and have just started a blog - I was going to post something on your blog but wasn't sure where to put it - along the lines of 'Inspired by Thomas Tallis'.

Encouraged by how freely the Thomas Tallis media team used their blog, twitter and other technology when I worked with them on the Creative Partnerships Inspired by London day, I have started my own blog. Any suggestions about how it could be better please let me know! Thanks for making it look so easy and feel so creative and for such a fun day. I've talked about it to loads of people. At the moment I have put one of Billy's photos he kindly sent me and a link to his photo portfolio up there.

Thanks Jon. I hope you're having a good new year. I enjoyed seeing some of the team in The Guardian before Christmas.


Take a look at Clare's blog which contains not only Billy's photo but an intriguing image of her studio wall. It's good to know that we have helped another creative person find a new way to share what they do with a wider audience.

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