Tuesday 19 January 2010


Minutes of meeting

19th January 2010

Present: John Riches, KH, TWT, Chenai, Raihan, Billy, Matthew, Seb, JN, MST, RO, DL

1. HW - Sydney Thornbury will visit the ARG 2nd Feb to talk about Web ‘n’ Play and the prospect of working on a project with primary schools to develop new technology and drama skills this summer.

2. Establishing a Student Commissioning Group

Desire to use an SCG to get students to engage with and experience creative learning/experiences

JR invited people to consider challenges and potential problems:

Forming the group of students. How could we form the group?

Suggestion that the ARG students help form a commissioning group

Important to get some more people involved especially lower school

Need to recruit new members quite soon in order to complete one round of the commissioning process

Benefits of being involved: power to influence whole school development, UCAS statements, spending money,

Could approach year heads and tutors for nominations

Could we use assemblies to promote and recruit for the SCG?

Need students who are actively interested in the arts and who are already keen on pursuing a career in the arts

Should anyone be able to apply or do they need to demonstrate some kind of skills/commitment? Could we organise some kind of activity to help us select the most creative thinkers?

Could we work with the Tangled Feet group from last year as the core of a new group?

What should be the size of the SCG? Think about a range of roles for the individuals in the group.

If the ARG can devise a promotion strategy, could John organise an activity that would help us select the best people for the group? John agreed.

Do we need representation from each year group? Should there be a core group and a larger group of activists?


Promoting SCG Committee - Matthew, Mr Hawes, Chenai, Raihan (Tallis TV)

Activity Committee - Ms Hawkins, Seb, Mike, Mr O’Brien, John

Documentation committee - JN, Billy, TWT, DL

Date: 1 March 3:30-4:30 Venue: Drama Studio (tbc)

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