Saturday 7 March 2009

Word Cloud

What would a picture of all the words in this blog look like? Which words occur most frequently? What does the resulting image tell us about the words we use? Wordle allows you to create just such an image. You can either paste in a whole load of text or enter the URL of a website (like this blog) to create a word cloud. Words appear larger according to the frequency of their use. It is very pleasing to see that the two most frequently used words on this site are "students" and "creativity".


Anonymous said...

Wow cool website! I thought I would just give it a go by copying in my film studys essay on the use of surround sound in the horror genre this is what I came up with!

When I have more time I will try some other documents! Love it

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this site it's really fun i copied a link to the creative tallis site and it came up with i wicked word cloud,

i made an other one with only me name it looks quite cool to,