Thursday 19 March 2009

Any ideas

What did you think of the Living cinema event? Were there any ideas that we might want to use for our event in the summer? Did you like the fact that the birds were being controlled by a wii remote and the colours and speed changed when a drum beat was played?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it I think there was some mixed reviews from some members of creative Tallis ( thought they was watching not helping?) However I enjoyed it. I found it quite interesting about what the Vjays were doing especually with the Wii remote. I did some internet browsing (yes it interested me that much!) and found a range of things people have done with the Wii remote.. - This guy has made an interactive white bord with the Wii Remote! - Same guy he has created head tracking!

Amber Rowe said...

No idea in relation to the living cinema.
All i saw was how to badly manage a kitchen.
However the idea behind it I thought could really work with a number of different events especially in terms of showing parents/visitors a different side to learning about a school environment. It doesn't seem technically hard to achieve and could portray the school in a different light entirely.
The idea is great I think - and with the sound combined with it even if not with live sound.

Anonymous said...

"All i saw was how to badly manage a kitchen" - I am going to disagree with this comment. I think that the management of the kitching was fine, we was all alocated tables however because of certain students vanishing in the opening of Living Cinema it went wrong. How do you think the kitching could have been managed better?

Anonymous said...

I thought the LIving Cinema event was amazing. I had a brilliant time. It was great to have an event like this in Tallis, I felt like I was a million miles away from school. I really liked the idea of a social cafe-like space with things happening around us. It was great to speak to new people who weren't necessarily from school and the work being shown/ being performed really set off the conversations. We definitely didn't need the prompt cards to start a conversation! The food was good and I didn't notice any disorganisation from the kitchen. I don't think we'd necessarily need table service if Tallis were to do an event like this again, but it was nice for one evening. I wasn't really impressed with all the fancy technical stuff in terms of the interactivity. The large projections gave the space a really special and unique atmosphere though and it felt like it was a different space than somewhere in Tallis. The live music was definitely my favorite part of the evening. So can we have one of these nights every month?

Jon said...

I have to say that the kitchen ran like clockwork and I have had several very happy diners congratulate the team on a lovely meal. I didn't see a huge amount of the event but I loved the atmosphere in the room each time I entered with a tray of food and the band at the and were fantastic. I think Ms Hawkins is a little optimistic about the possibility of doing it every month (!) but our event(s) in the summer should be influenced by the notion of transforming a familiar space into something extraordinary. Don't forget to return your permission slips to me or Mr Hawes ASAP for the trip on 30th March and make sure you cast your vote in the Ideas for the Manifesto for a Creative Tallis poll on the blog homepage.