Tuesday 10 March 2009

Making Space

Mr Nicholls and I visited a school today that had created what they called a 'Making Space'. For them this meant a dedicated space with technicians, artists in residence and the sort of equipment you might find in an Art or Technology room. The idea was that any subject apart form Art could book the space to work on projects relating to what they were studying in different subjects.

This got us thinking that each school could rework the concept to fit with their preferences and priorities and left us with some questions:

What equipment would we need to put in the room?
What sorts of expertise should be available to support projects?
What should the room be like, and how could it be organised?
Who might decide if a project was worth doing and who should control access?
How could the school help ensure that the quality of the making was as good as possible?

I have a sense of what my ideal 'Making Space' might be like, but first I'd like the group to outline their ideas and preferences.

Mr. Hawes

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