Monday 23 March 2009

The Vertical Grouping Experience

This short film captures the views of staff and students about the vertical tutor group experiment that took place recently. We are engaging in a detailed piece of research about the potential value of a vertical pastoral system and the film contains a full spectrum of views which will help inform debate.

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Soren Hawes said...

Firstly, what a polished and effective film - I loved the clarity of the contributors and the titles were great.

I think we need to think about how students and staff are able to make links and learning relationships across the school. I think that faculties and year teams can sometimes herd people together and restrict the opportunities for creative interactions. I think the vertical group is a good model that we can generalise - how might the staff be given opportunities collaborate and share in the same ways that children of different ages can in the vertical group?

Lastly, I got a sense from some of the 6th form contributors that they thought they gave more than they got back form the vertical groups - all though this might be different if they had worked their way up from the Year 7 and had been the beneficiaries when they were younger.

All in all I think a great idea and a great film that shares the experience intelligently and thoughtfully . Top work!

Mr. Hawes