Monday 16 March 2009

Science Club on YouTube

The Science Club at Tallis has got its own YouTube Channel. Mr Davids has purchased a cool camera that takes video at hundreds of frames per second. This one of a cymbal crash is my favourite although the one of Mr Davids getting a slap, to demonstrate the elasticity of the human face, comes a close second. Photography and science are closely related and some of these videos remind me of Harold Edgerton's famous series of high speed flash photographs. Now that the new school is about to be built on the back field, we thought we'd try to record the whole process using a special camera mounted on the roof. The idea is to take a couple of pictures of the site every day throughout the build. We can then make a time lapse film of the construction. I suppose we should also think about doing the same thing when the old school is demolished.


Z.Hoeben said...

One of our students did some great shots of his friends using a strobe in the studio - have a look here:

Anonymous said...


@Science Club - Looks really good those cameras must generate HUGE file sizes?

Anonymous said...

that photo is wicked
and i love the video of the crash sir showed my class the one of him getting slapped it's really funny