Monday 9 March 2009

Manifesto for a Creative Tallis

At our last meeting, we discussed the idea that we would attempt to create a Manifesto for a Creative Tallis.

Please respond to this post with a comment featuring one or more suggestions for what should be included in our manifesto. I am currently attempting to find a suitable venue for us all to meet on Monday 23rd March so that we can really get on with the business of planning our "Food for Thought" event in the summer. I hope you are all able to make the "Living Cinema" event next Tuesday in the Drama Studio (6:30-9:30pm). You are welcome to bring a guest with you and you should be receiving an official invitation very soon. It promises to be a really cool evening.

So, I look forward to reading your suggestions for the manifesto in the comments.


Amber Rowe said...

I think the manifesto should be at the 'food for thought' thing, as a proposal.
I remember at the meeting a couple weeks ago we were saying how some of the points were statements, and others suggestions. The fact that statements and suggestions were made are important I think, but maybe the statements are really people saying I need a way to make a statement about what I think we need and what now that you've heard it. Because making a statement in the manifesto doesn't really serve a purpose other than ok, I've heard you.
Im not sure, but I definately think that it's important that there was a difference in the type of things included in the manifesto so far. Should the manifesto be questions, statements, requests, suggestions etc.?? Or a mix

Jon said...

I'd like to propose the following item for the Manifesto:

We would like regular opportunities to ask questions and think for ourselves.

Soren Hawes said...

Can I suggest:

We would like opportunities to use new media and develop our media literacy across all our subjects at school.

Mr. Hawes