Saturday 14 March 2009

Skills Swap

Yesterday when I was walking around Tallis after school I stumbled across a group of staff who Mr Hawes was teaching to use iMovie. I thought it would be a good idea if classes like these were open to students as well as staff. Then we thought it might be a good idea to exchange our talents, know-how and expertise. Maybe we could get people to think about what they could share and what they would like to learn. Could School support a project like this? What would we need? Where could it happen? How would we get people involved?

What do you guys think?


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Jon said...

This is a great idea. Learning is not something done to young people by older people. I think the idea of exchanging skills and know- how is great so that we can create a school where everyone is a learner and a teacher.

Soren Hawes said...

I think this a fantastic idea that could have a really exciting impact on Tallis. It could be organised demonstrations, or maybe it could be a more informal exchange of expertise - or maybe a mix of the two. I'm wondering if there could be a weekly time slot in the same space where people could work together to develop skills and projects. Maybe we could have a blog where people offer expertise and seek support and knowhow. To get the ball rolling I can offer some Imovie and Final Cut expertise and I'd really like someone to get me started on Garage Band and maybe even Iweb.

Mr Hawes

Me said...

Mr Hawes i wouldn't mind you extending my knowledge about final cut, and yea i would love to be able to create my own music using garageband as well

Jon said...

Maybe we should have weekly clinics on a particular night for a variety of Skills Swap sessions. I like the idea of a drop-in. This way, there's no pressure on people (or a feeling of guilt if they can't make it) and there might be several people to help rather than just a single "teacher". Let's try for weekly sessions on: Garageband and Logic/Logic Express, iMovie and Final Cut/Final Cut Express, Pages, Keynote and Comic Life, iWeb and Web 2.0 applications, iPhoto and Photoshop. This should get things off to a nice start. I'll talk to a few people to see if there are spaces and machines available. I suppose it'll have to be Tuesday and Thursday after school.