Saturday 21 March 2009

Food For Thought

I've had a play with Slideshare and worked out how to attach an audio track, courtesy of Internet Archive. I hope this presentation helps to prepare everyone for the event on 30th March at Rivington Place. It would be good to lay the table (so to speak) with a cornucopia of ideas about our Food for Thought project. I strongly recommend that you have a go at making your own Slidecast. Hours of fun!


Jon said...

I don't know if it's bad form to comment on your own posts but I've had a few ideas about things we could do in the summer with regard to changing people's perceptions of the building. Here goes:

Design a themed walking tour of Thomas Tallis - pointing out sites of interest and historical importance, interesting flora and fauna, art and culture etc. Signs on landmarks with pictures and text

A photographic exhibition showing camera obscura pictures made using classrooms as cameras along the concourse plus creative writing about relationships in this space

An amusing fake lecture delivered by an ex student about a bizarre body of knowledge containing ridiculous and unprovable "facts" using a variety of visual aids - a kind of upside down lesson

Dancing on the stairs to the sound of a digital orchestra

Art works installed in lockers and pigeon holes

A ceiling wallpapered with subtly altered text book cover designs (like the ones Joe Orton made from library books)

A corridor dusted for finger prints tracing our physical connection with the building and its walls

Film projections of students playing on the concourse, playing on the concourse (if you see what I mean) but shown after dark

Students wearing t-shirts with provocative quotations about the nature of creativity

A series of radio broadcasts in the common room from guest presenters discussing the value of inter-disciplinary creative learning - podcasts published on Tallistube

The official launch of the school's new generative graphic identity with an interactive display

A classroom turned into a library of learning - artefacts representing the social history of learning at Thomas Tallis School - photos, slideshow, old films, books, publications, text books, interviews with ex students etc.

That's all I've come up with so far. I rejected the idea of making a city farm on site for a week as too impractical! Looking forward to seeing what you lot come up with...

Danuta said...

I really like the idea of the "tour walk" around tallis but maybe make it more personal - I mean give students the opportunity to mark this place with their names and memories. Just posters with a sentence or even a word that they associate with the place, i.e. canteen: "I've been told off so many times for jumping the queue!" or "No tuna sandwiches - AGAIN!!!"
What do you think? Would that work?