Sunday 15 March 2009

A New School Day Proposal

I am on the student voice action research group and we have lately been discussing the timings of the school day. I have to ask ten different students what they think of the new plan and get their suggestions to make it better.

(apologies for the small text.)

On wednesdays all students will start at 9:30, 6th formers will have enrichment until 4:30 and in the new school it is hoped that eventually on wednesdays all students will be able to partake in enrichment activities (sports, making things, "SKILLS SWAP" etc.)

This timetable will enable us to make better use of all the amazing new facilities we will be getting in our new school. If we want to keep offering the fantastic range of courses that we do now, we need to find the space to do them.

What are your thoughts and suggestions?


Jon said...

I know I'm not a student but I'd eventually like to see enrichment as part of the normal school day. For me, this kind of learning is as valid as regular lessons, helps students discover what their true talents are (especially if they're not particularly academic) and gives teachers an opportunity to step outside their subject. I like the increased flexibility of the new plans, especially because it will enable us to make better use of available spaces now and in the new building. There are some interesting challenges in moving to a new timetable and we definitely need everyone to think creatively about both the problems and the solutions.

Me said...

I agree, i think the new plans are quite good but with a few tinkers i think it will work really well.
Im still not satisfied that people will be happy about shorter breaks and lunches.

Jon said...

I'm not convinced about the shorter break either but I think a shorter lunch (as long as everyone can be fed) will be better. The registration mid morning, followed by break, will provide a better rhythm to the whole day in my opinion. I wonder if people will be tempted to cut short their tutor period so that they can get to break faster?

Me said...

shorter lunch to me sounds fine although it does have some disadvantages to lunch clubs for example in the summer athletics club will only be about 40 minutes.

in the new school everyone should be able to eat and be served within the 45 minutes, presuming there is better catering facilities?
And i think they would cut short registration. The time the tutor does registration, hands out a few letters it takes less than 15 minutes so that might be the case.

Anonymous said...

I like and dont like parts of it! I dont like tutor being in the middle of the morning as well as six formers staying till 4.30PM. I personally (as most know) dont mind staying after school which I do a lot however I can not see this being popular with a lot of six formers or students.?

I also think registration should be cut shorter to allow a longer brake. If this is not going to happen maybe we should look at what we do in Tutorials?

Jon said...

I think that post 16 students starting and finishing later is a good thing. My impression was that sixth formers would welcome this change. If it means fewer students late in the mornings that would be a good start. I also feel that it's often difficult to get rid of sixth formers at the end of the day and that they would be better off in lessons than playing cards in the common room!

Soren Hawes said...

I think it's important to think about the changes that might take place in how we teach and what we teach - in other words the timetable should take into account our vision for the future. I think we should also think about how the changes might benefit students - teachers can tend to see things in terms of benefits or shortcomings for themselves! I think if we were planning a school day from scratch, without precedent, and keeping the future in mind then we wouldn't have a timetable like the one we have now.

Finally, I think the idea of enrichment and the opportunity for students to do short courses, electives and the like is a fantastic idea, but we should be wary of putting what I see as essential things like new media on the periphery.

All in all, I think a discussion on this topic is vital - especially if we are going to make the best of our new school.

Mr. Hawes

Anonymous said...

I still do not feel the large majority of students will not welcome the enrichment. The students who 'play' cards in the common room after school are there to play cards. If you asked them to go and practice circus skills I can not see you getting there support? - @Billy - Do you know what type of enrichment things will be taking part.

I also fail to see lower school liking it. When students want to do enrichment they come to after school clubs?. I do hope that enrichment works (im sure it would if it was part of the school day IE: before 1530. ).

Anonymous said...

it's all a bit confusing to me lol
i do like it but i'm not shore about shorter brakes and lunches i don't think i would be able to survive