Saturday 21 March 2009

A Street View of British Art

Following on from Tom's excellent post about Street View, it appears that Tate Britain have joined the bandwagon by creating links to places across the UK depicted in famous paintings in the national collection. The image above is an example of a Turner painting of The Thames from just outside Tate Britain on Millbank. The idea, I suppose, is that you can now visit the locations using Street View and compare the painted and real (as photographed by Google) landscapes. There are some fairly profound philosophical issues about all this virtual tourism and I've read a couple of interesting comments in the papers about invasions of privacy. I wonder if we could create an inter-disciplinary project linking subjects like art history, geography and photography? I'm going to attempt a 360 degree photograph today in imitation of the joiners on Street View. I'll post the result here if I can make it work.

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