Sunday 14 June 2009

Tangled Feet

Kat Joyce emailed today to suggest that we create a long list of ideas for the Tangled Feet residency. I said I'd put a post up here to get the ball rolling. So, what would you like to see happening between our volunteers and the Tangled Feet crew. Remember, the main theme is "Home", how we define it and what it means to us. The school is moving home within the next couple of years and folk at Tallis have a variety of feelings about the current home. Students will soon be moving to Tallis from their primary schools and Year 13 students have just left their Tallis home for university and world of work.

Also, it will be possible for groups of students and artists/performers to work on a range of projects simultaneously. For example, one group could devise a short site specific performance to be shown at lunchtime whilst another group could be preparing a soundscape and yet another might be designing an installation.

Please respond to this post with your suggestions for possible activities so that the folks at Tangled Feet can prepare themselves and we can all get hold of the necessary resources.

Finally, I think it's important to send a letter home to the parents of the selected 20 to inform them about the residency. Has this already happened or do we need to write something for Tuesday? Are we going to have reserves in case some people drop out before the 29th? Are you expecting to be part of the team who works with Tangled Feet? All this and more can be revealed in your comments.

Finally, finally, how do we plan to document the residency and evaluate whether or not it has been a success? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Hey All,

Been at Biggin Hill allday and my mind is now not working... will post again with ideas that I come up with.

Just a heads up that I now can NOT make Tuesday... I have a film studys exam on Wednesday and afraid I need to put revision for this first....


Soren Hawes said...

I think a number of smaller events that happen during the normal rhythm of the school day is the way to go. I think a bit of an impromptu and surprise element might spread the event around the school in the way that a set-piece event in a designated "Drama" space might not.

I agree the idea of dislocation and the uncertainty, and opportunities for changing environments is a theme that will resonate with lots of groups at the school.

As regards the evaluation can we ask the participants to keep a video diary, and maybe also have a video diary space set up for people who have witnessed the events to leave their comments?


Amber Rowe said...

I noticed in one of the geography/history class rooms that a group of students in a PHSE lesson were given a map of the school and had to colour code where around the school they felt safest on a scale of colours. Their maps are in the geography classroom, i'll go take a picture to show you.
This could be something to look at for tangles feet to get some ideas?

vaguechera said...
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Vaguechera said...
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Vaguechera said...

Hiya, Kat here.

I think all these ideas are great. Surprise changes to the everyday environment are definitely the way to go. Let's aim to make the whole school building a giant laboratory...with unexpected things popping up everywhere...outside and inside.

I'm really interested in the colour-coded maps too - it'd be a good starting point for us to see these.
Worth thinking about the idea that apart from me, Tangled Feet don't know the building or grounds of Thomas Tallis at all and will be seeing it all with fresh eyes (a bit like the first day of Yr 7!) - so I think one of the first things we think about is the Tallis collaborators introducing us to your "home" and all its interesting spaces - how could we do that? There'll be 10 of us so maybe we could split into small teams with tour guides....or a treasure hunt? Psycho-geographic guided tour? Orienteering?! It'd be good to remember what it's like to be new to the building.

Another idea I had is to find a way to record people's thoughts and ideas ON the white tents - like a big tent chillout space that's also a 3d comments book. Anyone got any ideas about where/how this could happen?

The video diary idea's a great one. (Raihan I loved your video you made)

That's all for now...

Very excited!


Jon said...

I've just spoken to the Head of PE. We can have access to the Gym on Monday 29th perids 2-6 and Friday pds 3-6. This means that the whole group can work in this space on the Monday (getting to know each other etc.) and then we may be able to have a performance of "Home" in there on the Friday with invited guests? I'll do some research today about cooking opportunities and availability of music and media technology. Mr Hawes, would it be possible to utitlise some of the media resources and Macs in DSC?

Vaguechera said...

Hey all, use of the gym is great. We won't need a large indoor space for performances though - HOME has been designed to work anywhere and doesn't need any power sources, so I think it'll work much better outside, on the concourse...or the mounds or the fields or in the Ferrier perhaps....

Check out these pictures of the performances this weekend at Paradise Gardens festival...