Friday 5 June 2009

The Video!

Here is a draft of the video me and Billy have been making today... what do you think? Are we hedding in the right direction? Is the sound ok? Anything that we should change? I had a but of trouble thinking what to put at the end at the moment it seems to just finish... any ideas? (did that make sence?)

The video might not be avalible straight away (it was still processing at 1423)




Soren Hawes said...

Hi Tom,

It's a good intro and to Tangled Feet and their ethos and ideas. I'm wondering whether the last two slides have a bit too much text - could they be simplified? I was also wondering whether you intended the film to invite participation from staff and students at Tallis - do we need something that makes a link to the posters?

I think you are all doing a grand job on this - just shout if you need a hand with anything.


Me said...

The film is for when the candidates come to the drama studio after there quest around school, the main aim is to inform them about Tangled Feet and who they are.
Tom W - What day shall we finish it off?

Anonymous said...

Billy - Check your email :)

Soren - Thanks I agree with the text being a bit long we shall make the changes on Tue or Thurs and will repost :)

Thanks All!!!