Saturday 6 June 2009

Sharing The Creative Manifesto

Mr Thomas came to speak to me yesterday with a really exciting opportunity for the group. He was clearly very impressed with the group when they presented The Creative Manifesto, and has given us the opportunity to share our ideas with all staff at a whole school meeting on Tuesday 16th June. Schools always have packed agendas, so it is really good news for us, and the school, that they have given us an opportunity to share our thoughts on, and plans for, the development of creativity at Tallis.

Mr Nicholls and I thought we could ask staff to consider the manifesto and complete the three year planning task, much in the way that the Leadership Team did a few weeks ago. We thought that we might ask staff to work in Year Team groups to make sure that there was a good spread of subjects in each group. Would the ARG members be willing to work with a group each, just like we did last time?

One thought that occurred to me was that last time it was easy to feedback because there were only twenty or so people in the room, so how could we allow for some feedback either at the meeting, or on the day? Could we set up a Tallis Talk topic and provide groups with a laptop to leave a comment and try and share some of the feedback on a screen at the end. I thought I could collate the three year plans and put it on the Blog or Creative Tallis site.

Mr Nicholls has The Creative Manifesto and the Three Year Plan ready to go. I was wondering whether Tom might be willing to introduce the manifesto again? I will look into ways of managing and sharing the feedback effectively. I don't know the precise timings yet, but I will try and get us on near the start to save you having to hang around, could people get back to me to say if you are available? It will be a great opportunity to demonstrate how a group of students and staff can collaborate to develop the learning experience of the whole school community.

Hope you can all make it,



Me said...

Sounds really good,
However this is the day where we are interviewing people to help out with the tangled feet residency?
could we ask for it to be at a different date?

I like the idea of Tallis Talk,
another idea is to get feed back using the webcams in macbooks? - we could than make a video.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! @ what Billy said maybe we will have to split up I assume it is hard to juggle staff meetings arround??

Anonymous said...

PS: I like the idea of people using Laptops... We could use Tallis Talk or The Blog even Twitter???

Soren Hawes said...

Maybe we can go second in the running order at the staff meeting and you could come on from the rehearsals. If we were to do our part of the meeting at around 4.45 would that work?