Tuesday 23 June 2009

Meeting Notes

Thanks everyone for another stimulating meeting. We seem to have about 14 people so far confirmed as participants in the Tangled Feet residency next week. This includes Tom T, Matthew, Tom W and Amber from the group. We may get some more volunteers tomorrow so I'll publish the final list to staff (and you) by Thursday afternoon. We discussed several ideas for the residency including the following:
  • the need to document the various aspects of the residency using a variety of techniques and media
  • setting up a Tallis Talk stream so that participants and audience members/witnesses can feed back their impressions
  • the importance of showing the process of the work created
  • the potential for showing work in progress before school as people arrive, at break and lunch times and after school
  • the possibility of making and sharing food
  • the possibility of using sound and installation work to engage audiences in unusual ways e.g. leaving messages around the building, in teachers' pigeon holes, on white boards at the start of the day, in year bases etc?
  • the possibility of holding a special performance of "Home" on Friday afternoon for an invited audience (including students, teachers, governors and parents?)
We have agreed that Tom T, Tom W, Matthew and Amber will represent the group at the Creative Agents' Conference on Wednesday 1st July. I will need slips returned ASAP.

The format of our 1 hour input will be:

9:45 Arrive at the October Galleries and set up
10:00 Ice breaker activity - Idea Generator?
10:10 JN to deliver Keynote presentation about the work of the ARG and its impact this year
10:30 Questions from the floor
10:45 Activity - design the perfect Creative Agent
11:00 End. Visit exhibition.

Let me know if I've missed anything out or if you have some other suggestions for the two lists.


Anonymous said...

That all looks good!

I thought I would create a Twitter and give the password out to people, who can update via iPhone,iTouch and on the web thoughout the day and also at home then it would serve as a constant update of the day and not clog up the creaive tallis one then at the end of the day maybe we could lay out or present the comments in a way....

Johnny2 said...

All looks good - I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the 'perfect creative agent' exercise! Are student members of the ARG contributing to the presentation, or leading any of the activities?