Monday 22 June 2009

Another Use Of Blogging... By A School

When revising for my Film Studies exam I came across this blog. The teacher uses it to upload subject specific information and the students create their own blogs to keep track of the learning in film studies.

What do you think of their Blog? Here are the links:

The Main Blog
A student who has not been updating their blog!

Quite interesting

Thanks, Tom


Jon said...

This is a good example of using a web resource to support the delivery of a curriculum subject but it looks a bit like an online text book to me and doesn't seem to work well as a blog. I think it might have been better organised as a multi-page website. Also, the design is a bit dull, especially for something as visually exciting as film. However, good to see and very instructive.

Deb said...

I agree with Jon a multi page arrangement would have been better. Also it's very text heavy for a site to facilitate learning about an audio visual medium.
We plan to follow creativity ARGs good practice and use weebly, having doc files students can click and read rather than masses of text on the main pages.
Will post links at end of term so you can comment and offer feedback/advice.