Monday 8 June 2009

Raihan' recruiting film

Raihan has made this film to encourage interest and participation in the upcoming Tangled Feet residency. I like his use of Live Type to animate the text and create interest in the project. It's another really effective element in the publicity campaign that you are putting together. I think you are doing a such a creative and effective job on this (which is no surprise given all your talents).

You can see his promo film playing on the screen by reception - I'm looking forward to peering over the balcony to see how people respond.



ttgunner said...

i saw it up on the new tv in the foye and people really seeme dexcited about the project!!

Me said...

looks good, but I think regestration is spelt registration

Raihan said...

Hey guys, thx guys for your comments!!And don't worry billy, as the date changed to the 11th June i got another chance to correct the spelling mistakes.. so the new one is in the foye..

Hoped you liked my use of Livetype..

Amber Rowe said...

why has the date of the interviews changed?

Jon said...

I'm a bit confused about the dates too. Could someone in the know make a comment identifying what's happening, when and where? It all looks and sounds great but I'd like to put the final dates in my diary.

Me said...

The date I have in my diary is Tuesday 16th june, as far as I know we have the drama studio Period 6 onwards to set up etc.
The confusion might be because when we first talked about dates 2 weeks ago we said 11th june but has changed to 16th (drama studio availability)

please correct me if I'm wrong
hope this has helped!

Amber Rowe said...

Billy thats what I thought aswell.

For the 16th June (which is next tuesday) we have the drama studio booked pd 6 onwards.
The first clue is the map right? they go to W10 where they receive the map leading to the next clue, eventually leading to the drama studio. Or dogmatist odour the anagram that raihan came up with.

So what is the 11th about? because that's this thursday.

Raihan said...

Well according to Ms.D's Diary.. It seems to have mentioned that we all agreed on Thursday 11th June.. and the Interview is on the 16th June.. But, I guess We've already changed the posters for example 3 times now.. so i think we just have to stick to the 11th..