Monday 8 February 2010

Skills Swap and Skills Sessions

I have mentioned in the past that Mr. Nicholls and I have been trying to think of a way of making it possible for staff and students to exchange and learn new skills. There was a time when training for teachers happened in London hotels on special days out, but the problem was that by the time you got back into school you had forgotten what you had learned and there wasn't anybody around to ask. We thought that Skills Swap would be a good idea because it would be a flexible and fun way for staff and students to coach, mentor and support each other to get new skills. If you got stuck with something then you would know that there was advice and support in the building and this would encourage people to be a bit more ambitious and confident to update their skills. The idea is that people fill in a Skills Swap card and fill in what skills they would like offer and what skills they are seeking. You can click these links to see how to fill the card in and click here to get a blank card to fill in.

The other part of the idea is a rolling four week programme of sessions focusing on a particular skills area. To see what the first topic is you can have a look at the flyer and the explanation of how it works.


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