Friday 20 January 2012

Wreck This App

I was delighted to discover that the wonderful Keri Smith has an iPad app called (predictably) Wreck This App. It's a digital version of Wreck This Journal but with some interesting extra functionality like the use of the inbuilt camera. It's not flashy or over designed. In fact it's intuitive interface and simple but provocative instructions are what make it perfect for the iPad.

This would make a wonderful addition to any lesson but has obvious appeal for the visual and media arts as a way to encourage students to experiment with their journal making and documentation strategies.

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Action Research Group meeting

Thanks to the new Creative Tallis team who met for the first time this year to discuss how we can continue to support creative learning across the curriculum. The discussion was stimulated by an incomplete page on our Manifesto for a Creative Tallis Manifesto website entitled "Practise Wonderation and Newology". Suggestions included: using exciting starters to stimulate enquiry; developing more immersive learning experiences and prolonged investigations; and acknowledging the skills and experiences that students bring to the classroom.

We had a brief look at the various websites and social networking opportunities the group had created.

We all agreed with the principal that teachers should maintain their own fascination for learning and model this attitude for students. We discussed how to recruit some young folks to the ARG and agreed to bring along at least one student to the next meeting.

Finally, we used Popplet to begin to capture some thoughts about what we wanted to accomplish this year, our intended audience and how we might achieve our goals.

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