Tuesday 23 February 2010

Ihsan's Story

I received this message recently from an ex Tallis student in response to a message I posted on Facebook. I think it captures perfectly how the spirit of creativity has always been such an important feature of the school's ethos. It's great to know just how important Tallis has been in helping young people take risks and nurture their talents. As Ihsan says, "Nothing to lose, much to gain."

Dear Mr Nicholls,

I was asked via Facebook (and instructed to send to you) to say a few words about what impact Tallis had on me.... and I never got around to it... so here it is... a little late but from the heart!

Thomas Tallis School absolutely shaped who I am today and gave me not only the tools but the direction, motivation and inspiration to grasp every opportunity and challenge that has come my way. The dedication of the teachers and creativity surrounding the building guided me to a profession I love and would not be in otherwise. My passion for dance began at the school with a workshop given by an American touring troupe and was further fueled by the movement classes on offer and many productions I had the privilege to be a part of (Cabaret, Romeo & Juliet...)... These remain amongst the greatest experiences I have had on stage. Nothing to lose, much to gain!

I thank the school and the teachers once again... as my feet won't stop dancing

Ihsan Rustem

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