Sunday 25 October 2009

Faking It

Check out the series of Faking It programmes on 4oD. I'm a big fan of this particular episode about a country squire turned graffiti artist. It exemplifies all that is best about the series.

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Soren Hawes said...

This was very entertaining.

The thing for me isn't the ability to successfully mimic or pretend, but being able to recognise that something unfamiliar, or previously disregarded, can come to be important and rewarding.

I also loved the way the graffiti artist had a sense of the criteria for great graffiti - blending, scale, shape, authenticity. I like the way that what might have seemed haphazard actually had structure, rigour, development ...

One criticism I did have was the idea that you need to shed one identity to try something new - can't a graffiti artist in tweeds bring something a bit special to it? Does slavish imitation always help people develop insights and new understanding? Maybe James should have customised his brogues and made those cravats work for him!