Saturday 14 March 2009

A Planning Day at Rivington Place

The kind folks at Rivington Place have agreed to open their fantastic arts space especially for us on Monday 30th March so that we can spend some quality time planning our School of Creativity "Food for Thought" event for the summer term. Mr Hawes and I visited the space today to check it out. It's in a great part of town, near Old Street, in an exciting building designed by David Adjaye. In addition to letting us use their meeting room, we have been able to arrange a talk with the curator and one of the artists responsible for the current exhibition, Liminal: A Queston of Position. A range of artists have used digital media to explore how we relate to the city both physically and culturally. There are some exciting installations which may help us to think about how we engage our audience.

For example, the image above represents an interactive floor based piece. The visitor types responses to four questions on a computer screen. They then stand on a pressure sensitive mat nearby which locates their position and relays the messages from the computer onto the floor at their feet. The exhibition has been created collaboratively by artists, young people, university students and visitors. Iniva (The Institute of International Visual Arts), an organisation based at Rivington Place, is committed to working closely with local artists and other members of the community to create a range of exciting projects. Check out the series of Creative Mapping activities on their website.

We hope that you will all be able to make it on Monday 30th so that we can see the Liminal show, find out about how to curate an exhibition, and collaborate on planning our own event this summer. Expect some more information soon and put the date in your diaries!

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Jon said...

Here are some thoughts about the summer event and beyond prompted by our visit to Rivington Place this afternoon. It would be good to know if any of you think they are worth pursuing:

1. Rather than one event, perhaps we could arrange a series of happenings/installations around school over a period of evenings.
2. The purpose of these installations would be to disrupt expectations/conventions about what a school/classroom/learning experience is
3. For example, we could work with an actor to play the role of a teacher but the content and style of the lesson would be really surprising
4. We could provide unusual, themed tours of the building (a bit like the various tours around the city for tourists)
5. We could install art works (video, sound pieces, drawings, photographs etc.) in bizarre places - teachers' pigeon holes in the staffroom, lockers, on the ceiling - and supply a map of their locations
6. We could have a buffet meal (a bit like the original idea) in which the food is symbolic or colour coded - I once attended an event in Texas called the annual Spamarama in which every meal was made from processed meat, even the ice cream!
7. We could employ an artist to draw versions of events that occur over the course of a particular period of time on the walls of the building - a kind of graphic novel of what's happening that slowly emerges over time
8. We could record snippets of lessons, attach them to a keyboard or drum pad and encourage people to remix them
9. We could create a digital orchestra in which visitors create music together using only digital devices (iPhones etc)

Can you think of anything else? Do you think these and other ideas might work together? Do you like the idea of an event taking place across the school building rather than just in one room? Answers on a postcard please...