Wednesday 15 April 2009


Thanks to Tom DW for alerting us to the following digital graffiti installation called YrWall. Here's what the website says about it:

"The wall is used in much the same way as a conventional canvas but has the functionality of a typical computer paint program crossed with a simple animation package, enabling users to easily create and explore colours, textures and movement. Artistic creations can then be saved, recalled and played back, as well as utilized in a number of other ways to create unique and personal mementos of their digital graffiti experience. For example, the user will have the option receive a copy of their creation by email free of charge and to email friends and family with a virtual 'postcard' from the event. A recent addition to YrWall allows T-shirts and stickers to be printed for the user to take away.

This whole system has been developed and created by Lumacoustics. The drawing and interfacing is done in Adobe Flash which gives it great flexibility and allows many new functions to be added such as video or more involved interaction. YrWall can run event-focused competitions such as 'Best of Event' or 'Best Festival Logo' and can be customised for many applications.

As well as creating digital graffiti, traditional games such as noughts and crosses, hangman, and more involved, multi-wall games can be played. It really is your wall."

This might form part of a fantastic drawing/performance installation perhaps accompanied by some digital music creation and dance. We could create a digital arts environment utilising some of the ideas suggested by Mr Davids in the previous post and invite visitors to watch and/or interact with various tools. This would enable us to explore notions of skill in relation to the creation of works of art and play with a variety of new technologies. I've sent an email to the guys at Lumacoustics to see how much it might cost for us to hire the wall for our event in the summer. I'll let you know what they say. You can check out the showreel here (but Vimeo is not currently working in school).

What do you think?


ttgunner said...

i think its great. it would be really interesting to leave some teachers or student to there own devices to try and create there own artwork ie graffiti.

Jon said...

Just got this message from Tim at Lumacoustics:

Hi Jon

Thanks for your interest in YrWall, the digital graffiti wall. Since creating the wall towards the end of last year we have been massively busy refining it and really working on functionality. We have loads of exciting stuff coming up - an HD version, realistic spray and animation to build your own cartoons in no time.

We would love to be involved in your event, but as we have a lot of commitments in July it may affect the pricing. Currently we charge £2,250 per day for the wall hire, BUT we obviously offer good discount on that for education and community projects. Let me know the dates and we can discuss.

Thanks, Tim

Me said...

correct me if i'm wrong but to me it looks a bit like drawing on a smartboard with out actually touching it.
maybe there new "exciting stuff" might be more interesting??

Anonymous said...

Sorry about of lack of comments I have been on internet which is slower then dial up and would not load the blog :O (love the new layout)

I like the idea, however can see what Billy has said can they justify how it differs to a Smartboard. However the interface looks rather interesting!