Thursday 23 April 2009

Sorry, No Java is installed!

I hope that I am making a valid point here ?

As the group who is promoting creativity in Tallis and promoting amazing websites etc, I think that we need to look into why the school does not seem to have Flash, Java and other players installed on the network? Does the group think that this is something which we should try and promote to get installed onto the network... so that the web 2.0 applications will run in school?

Also has anyone looked into Microsoft's Silverlight? I use this quite a bit because Microsoft offer a superb online storage system which allows you to use remote desktop too! (Macs work on this too I believe) It's called Live Mesh and all you need is a Windows Live ID (MSN Log in)

So what do people think?


Jon said...

Tom, I have asked Mr Dean to have a look at this for us. I know there are also issues for staff attempting to upload information to the school website. I also think it's high time we had a school wide debate about social networking sites and mobile learning devices. I was intrigued to see that Mr Thomas's assemblies this week have been about the value of new technologies!

Anonymous said...

Awsome about Java etc
I agree with the debate about social networking sites and would love to get involved in some way with this!

I am looking forward to Mr Thomas's assemblie tomorow now!

matthew said...

sounds great we should get it and try to unblock all the games well all the websites that are blocked that is anoying me now

Soren Hawes said...

I think Tom makes a perfectly valid point here. It would be a shame if students felt their use of computers and access to software meant that they made better use of computers at home, and were hit with a series of limitations whilst at school. I think a discussion of what represents use, misuse or abuse of networking sites would create some very interesting contributions.

Unfortunately I miss assemblies to check students' hearing aids - would anybody be able to give me some sense of Mr. Thomas's assembly, and his attitude to new technologies?

Mr. Hawes

Jon said...

The assembly was quite interesting. Mr Thomas showed a clip of Ken Robinson talking about the importance of taking risks and original thinking. He then linked this to advances in new technologies and portable devices in particular. He showed us his iPhone via a live video link and compared this device with the computer the size of a large room that he used at university in 1979. He recommended the use of social networking sites to share ideas and collaborate on homework tasks. Finally, he talked about the fact that teachers today were preparing students for a world that they could not predict and that transferable skills and flexibility were very important assets. Pretty good for 10 minutes I thought.