Monday 6 April 2009


I've just discovered this fantastic new online slideshow creation site called Vuvox. It's free to create an account and there are several ways to publish content featuring photos and video. The above presentation took about 5 minutes to make (pictures were accessed directly from my Flickr pages) but there are plenty of creative editing options not featured here that I hope to experiment with in the near future. There are helpful video demonstrations to show you how to use the various features and site navigation was very intuitive. This is what the creators say about the Collage feature in Vuvox:

This dynamic media creation suite enables everyone to easily turn their photos, videos, text and audio clips into interactive stories.

A COLLAGE can be published, embedded, and syndicated into any website, blog or social networking site.

Whether you're a photojournalist, photoblogger, or a student who wants to share your world.... COLLAGE will become your multimedia expression space!

Features include:

  • Image Cut-out and Masking tools
  • Layer positioning and Compositing
  • Interactive 'Hot-spots', providing links to media, text or other websites
  • Ability to add rich media details
  • Text and Soundtrack
It would be great to see what you can make using the site.

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Anonymous said...

Its a really cool website! I have so much work to do today I have not really been able to have a proper "play" so this is all I have came up with so far....

Ill have a better go tonight!