Tuesday 7 April 2009


Twiddla is an online team whiteboarding (is that a real word?) tool that contains some powerful features including live text and audio chat. Here is a demo of how it works. Maybe we should have a go at conducting a meeting with the whole Creative Tallis team online at some point? I can think of lots of uses for this kind of service, especially the possibility of collaborating with students in other countries or working with experts beyond the classroom. It's free and doesn't even require usesr to create an account to join a meeting.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Wow thats amazing! I had a play and love the way its possable to annotate webpages! We should use this at all our meetings so that we can see the websites and all be shown round them!

Me said...

I really like it,
i defiantly think we should use this.

i cant wait to have a go!
let me know when we are going to have a virtual meeting.