Thursday 2 April 2009

Explaining, Evaluating and Reflecting

If you are anything like me then once you've finished one thing (or, even sometimes before!) I'm looking forward to moving on to the next thing. That said, there's a lot to be gained from taking some time to reflect on what you've done, how you did it, and how you might use what you've learned to improve the next time. Unfortunately evaluations can tend to be pretty dull paper exercises that take the shine off the joys of the creative process. Richard and Ms. Piwko decided to try a different way and settled on the idea of a filmed evaluation and It's a really special bit of work. Take a look - how could you do something similar elsewhere around the school? What might the benefits be?

You can watch part two of Richard's Film on the Deaf Create YouTube channel.

1 comment:

Jon said...

Well done Richard. This is a clear, well-illustrated description and evaluation. I like the fact that you are son animated and involved in your presentation. It makes for great viewing. Can you teach me how to use Final Cut Express?