Friday 10 April 2009

Annette Messager - The Messengers

I saw this today at The Hayward as well as Mark Wallinger's 'The Russian Linesman' exhibition.

This had me standing in awe for such a long time. The pieces are all very similar but it was so thought out in every little detail. I'm afraid the website doesn't provide many examples of the work but I recommend you go see it! There is quite a variety of media used but the presentation I think is one of the best aspects - use of space is definitely important to think about. 

(I still cant get the hyperlinks to work on this computer)

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Jon said...

I also loved the show and was really surprised by some of the installations. I'd only really seen the photography and text pieces before so I wasn't prepared for self-inflating bodily organs. I think the Wallinger show is also really cool. I really like his interest in juxtaposing work from different historical peiods, genres, styles and media. The theme of borderlines and thresholds also works well. I think we could learn a lot from both these shows.