Sunday 19 April 2009

Dipity Timelines

Dipity is a cool online service that allows you to create a timeline. This can be automated using a variety of feeds (e.g. blogs, Twitter, Flickr etc) or you can add information manually. I've set up a Creative Tallis Dipity account. Here are the details:

Username: creativetallis
Password: kidbrooke

At the moment the information is popultade via feeds from this blog, our Twitter page and our new Flickr site. If you'd like to post to the Flickr site, the login details are as above. I've only had a quick play with Dipity but I can see lots of useful applications. Each manual post can have several sources of information associated with it - video links, pictures, text and, crucially, a date or period of time. I am currently attempting to create a blog so that students who wish to study for an A level in History of Art can do so via the internet without having to attend any formal lessons. I will be using Dipity to keep track of the learning and post useful resources.

What uses can you think of for this tool?


Soren Hawes said...

As a big fan of Final Cut which is based on a timeline this looks great to me. I'm about to start a project with primary schools and a sixth form college to try and develop the use of new media with deaf students. Maybe Dipity would be a great way of documenting the progression of the project so that the participants and the people funding the project can track developments. It would also be a great way of making an interactive trail or quest in History.

Mr. Hawes

Pranav Bhasin said...

I would also recommend looking at for social timelines, where you can add people to your timeline posts and have the posts come up on their timelines too.

So if you go out on a trip with your friends, you can now simply upload your photos, add their names and the trip post becomes a part of their timelines too. There are over 300,000 existing timeline that you can join - check this for a sample:

Pranav Bhasin